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International Museum Day (IMD)

The Luxembourg Museum Days are organised in the framework of the International Museum Day (IMD), which represents a unique moment for the international museum community, organised by ICOM every year since 1977.


Museums that participate in the celebration of this day organise events and activities on 18 May each year or around this date. The objective of International Museum Day (IMD) is to raise awareness about the fact that, museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.


All around the world, more and more museums participate in International Museum Day. Last year, more than 37,000 museums participated in the event in about 158 countries and territories.


To find more information, visit the official International Museum Day website with its interactive map of events and activities taking place around the world on this occasion.


Edition 2024

Museums, Education, and Research

This year’s theme, “Museums, Education, and Research,” underscores the pivotal role of cultural institutions in providing a holistic educational experience. This day pushes for a more conscious, sustainable and inclusive world.

Museums serve as dynamic educational hubs, fostering curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. In 2024, we acknowledge their contribution to research, providing a platform for exploration and the dissemination of new ideas. From art and history to science and technology, museums are vital spaces where education and research converge to shape our understanding of the world.

Each year since 2020, the International Museum Day supports a set of Goals from the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. In 2024, we will focus on:

  • Quality Education – Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

  • Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure – Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.


For IMD 2024 we want to invite people to rethink education and imagine a future where knowledge sharing transcends barriers, where innovation unites with tradition. Join us as we explore the wealth of knowledge museums have to offer and, together, build a more informed and inclusive world!

IMD 2024 LU.jpg
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