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National Museum of History and Art


In the heart of the old town, a central building (2002) and three ancient houses are home to the national archaeological, historical and artistic collections of Luxembourg. Presented in the form of various newly designed thematic tours, they are a cultural attraction not to be missed. Diverse temporary exhibitions complete the offer.

Current exhibitions:

- Iran between times. Alfred Seiland, 26.11.2021-11.09.2022

- Luxembourg’s colonial past, 08.04.2022-06.11.2022

- The rape of Europe. Maxim Kantor on Putin’s Russia (works 1992-2022), 29.04.2022-16.10.2022




14h00 (LU) : Guided tour – The V&B story

Why is my plate blue? Learn more about the beginnings of the Boch pottery in Septfontaines, the key events in the history of the factory and the development of its production.

Booking required: (+352) 47 93 30 - 214 / - 414,

14:00 (LU) : Workshop for families – One thousand and one nights

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Persian literature that enchants young and old alike and let yourself be carried away by the oriental magic of fabulous tales and Persian poetry during a reading session followed by a creative workshop.

Booking required: (+352) 47 93 30 - 214 / - 414,

15h00 (FR): Guided tour - Luxembourg’s colonial past

Although Luxembourg has never exercised political authority over an overseas territory or its people, many men and women from the Grand Duchy emigrated in the 19th and 20th centuries to settle and work in the colonies of other European countries. The MNHA exhibition offers an insight into this lesser-known part of the Grand Duchy's history. By making the facts speak for themselves and presenting several life stories, the MNHA attempts to illustrate the complexity of colonial relations, which are still felt today.

Booking required: (+352) 47 93 30 - 214 / - 414,

Informations pratiques


T. (+352) 47 93 30 - 414 / - 214


Opening hours

Saturday, 14 May: 10am-6pm

Sunday, 15 May: 10am-6pm

Free entry


15.00 (LU): Guided tour - The rape of Europe. Maxim Kantor on Putin’s Russia (works 1992-2022)

In the light of the worrying current situation caused by the war in Ukraine, the exhibition brings together some sixty works with a strong political component that unmask the totalitarian and aggressive nature of the current Russian regime. This exhibition is organised in collaboration with the Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise. Visitors are invited to make a donation in support of Ukrainian refugees in Luxembourg.

Booking required: (+352) 47 93 30 - 214 / - 414,

16.00 (FR): Guided tour - Iran between times. Alfred Seiland

The exhibition includes a selection of around 60 images, created during the photographer's travels through Iran since 2017. Following the same approach as the Imperium Romanum project, Seiland is interested in the relationship between the past and the present and the links that individuals have with it. He alternates between vast landscapes, illustrating the complex and rich history of Iran, and moments of everyday Iranian life.

Booking required: (+352) 47 93 30 - 214 / - 414,


Marché-aux-Poissons, 2345 Luxembourg

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