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The exhibition is presented in five thematic rooms, each one providing a chronological development (from prehistory to present) of selected topics. The choice of the topics has been based on the evaluation of archaeological research and facts from the local history. The result is now shown in either a methodological or narrative context.

Maison de la culture

Exhibition (8-30 May 2021) Fragments of light - Elaine M Goodwin

Old St-Lawrence church

Temporary exhibition in collaboration with the Musée National d'Histoire Militaire : Ons zerschloen Dierfer. Reconstructing Luxemburg (1944-1960)




15h30 & 16h20 & 17h10 (Museum): Theatrical visit - Travel through time with Mister Heck (Lex Gillen)

5€ p.p.

Booking required: (+352) 80 87 90-1

Online activity : Workshop Mosaics (bottom of this page)

Ongoing : personalized welcome

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Saturday, 15 May: 10am-6pm

Sunday, 16 May: 10am-6pm

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Ongoing : personalized welcome

Online activity : Workshop Mosaics (bottom of this page)


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